OneCore Suite Express was developed by our company  for financial services industry. The OneCore Suite Express is designed as a modularised offering, that can be configurated for application within a wide range of environments and applied to a broad range of business applications within the Financial Services domain.

OneCore Suite Express is highly configurable and industry agnostic which avoids the need for further development at implementation, whilst at the same time proven to deliver enterprise grade processing power to work through extremely large volumes of transactions with ease.

Our company creates a platform for single transacting going forward, as financial products from various jurisdictions, divisions and business channels may be modelled in the system, including loans, distressed debt, leases (operating or finance), on-billing and fixed term debt, that may be secured or unsecured, and the term may be fixed or revolving.

OneCore Suite Express is a complete end-to-end software solution for the financial services industry that is capable of delivering rich functionality across the whole financial services product lifecycle.